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Preteen Bikini Models

Posted on July 16 2012


Related article: Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 04:25:48 -0800 (PST)From: Dennis Urban Subject: Dreams and Wishes Part 1Legal Disclaimer: This is a entirely fiction, all rights of NBC, Constant cProductions and Amblin Television in association with Warner Bros. andCreator Michael Crichton are respected. This is not meant to imply anythingabout either the character or the actors mentioned, specifically :GoranVisnjic, Noah Wyle, Julianna Margulies, and Anthony Edwards. This is Irepeat an entirely fictious work. IF your underage, or it's illegal to readsuch materials in your city, state, country, etc. Please do not read on. Ifyour offended by same sex encounters, homosexual material, gay romance,fantasy, etc. do not read on. That being said, if you wish to read thestory, please do so and enjoy. All feed back is Preteen Bikini Models welcome. If you haven't yetread my other story Love of an Angel, what are you waiting for??? Please dofeel free to contact me via ICQ my # is 61902044, or via AIM under my SN ofSaphireflame. Please do not try to e-mail me at aol, I do not at this timehave an aol account. If you wish to e-mail me do so at Denn0113yahoo.comDreams and Wishes`A Dream is a wish your heart makes, when it's fast asleep. A dream is awish your heart makes....' Remember the song, if you can name the song, Iwill give you a sneak peek at the next chapter :-)As Dr. Carter sat down for the lounge to catch a few seconds of peace inbetween emergencies his mind flickered back to the dreams he had beenhaving of late. `Damnit,' he thought to himself `Why couldn't he get ridof these dreams. They were driving him nuts and he dared not act on them orhe would not only loose his self respect, but he could loose his job aswell.'Flashback to his dream of earlier....."Oh Luca", he moaned as the handsome stud nibbled gently away at his ear,"I wanted this for so long, and I didn't dare do anything." Softly Lucawhispered in Carter's ear, "I have as well. I was so nervous to approachyou as you were always so aloof and solitary. I was afraid of what mighthappen...."End of flashback.`Damnit, how could he be gay. He had always had the occasional look at aguy here or there, but damnit, I am not gay. I can't be if I am, my familywill disown me and Preteen Bikini Models I will end up loosing my job if I make a move on him.'he thought to himself His thoughts running in a endless circle.Just then Carol, walked into the lounge as well to get a quicksoda. Noticing that John seemed to be a little out of it she decided maybeshe better try talking to him instead. Why not, he had been there for herbefore and they were friends. Sitting down opposite him she took a momentto study him before speaking."John, hey mi amigo what's wrong? Come on talk to me, I can tell somethingis bothering you and I would like to help you out If I can.""It's nothing" he responded softly, careful to keep the sobs out of hisvoice. "I just didn't sleep all that well. Some odd dreams is all. It'snothing.""Come on, spill it. It's not just bad dreams something is really botheringyou. I can tell. I can't help you if you won't talk to me." Carol replied asoftness in her voice masking the steel of her determination."Carol, not now. It's just not the right time or place. I can't go intoit. I'm sorry" he responded."Listen, I am not going to bring this up with Mark for now, but if youdon't talk to me and it seems to get worse I will have to. I am not tryingto be pushy but I am getting worried about you." Carol finished offsolemnly. "Look if something's bothering me I can help you a lot betterthan if you have to go and face Mark. He's a great guy, but sometimes it'seasier to talk to someone who isn't your boss about what's botheringyou. Think about it, that's all I ask. Just think about it."Several hours later, as his shift was ending he headed to the DR's lockerroom..."Damn it," Luka muttered as he punched the locker. "Why the hell did themother wait so long to bring the kid in. If she had fucking brought him inright away we could have saved him. His god damn parents killed him and Icouldn't save him."As John walked into the locker room and heard the banging he slowlyapproached Luka and listened to him blow off his anger. "Hey, Luka, calmdown. No need to take it out on the locker, besides which you will morelikely hurt yourself than it." "What the hell do you want Carter heresponded. I am not in the mood. I lost a patient earlier who could havebeen saved.""I know I heard you when you blowing off a moment ago. Look, why don't youcome with me, we can hit a bar, and then go back to my place. It will giveyou a chance to blow off some steam and also after you get over the mad,your likely to get worse. I have been there, and I know what it's like.""Listen, Preteen Bikini Models John. Thanks for the offer, but I think..." he started to say andthen paused "You know what I think I will." he finished."Good, let's get ready and we can go straight from here and just crash backat my place." `Perfect' Carter thought to himself. `This is about the bestchance I am going to have to find out if he's interested in me at all andif he is to make a move. He won't remember a thing if it goes wrong so I amin the clear totally.'Several hours later, after hitting more than a few bars the two drunkendoctors stagger up the steps to Carter's apartment."You know what Luca, your not that bad of a guy as I thought," Carter saidtrying to get the keys out of his pocket."Here," Luka said reaching his hand down. "Let me help you with that" hesaid as he slipped his hand down into John's pant's pocket to help get thekeys and more... . `I can't believe this is happening' John thought tohimself as the hand of Luca's Preteen Bikini Models touched his own as well as his firm thigh.As they managed to get both hands and the keys out of the suddenly toosmall pocket. They both wondered what would happen next. Staggering intothe apartment, they were both barely able to stand, a good thing it wassummer and they didn't need coats or they would be in real trouble. As theytried to keep their balance they ended up falling onto the couch, onefalling on top of the other.As they lay there face to face, Luca made a sudden impulsive move, andkissed John full on the lips. As John suddenly realized what washappening, he started at first to struggle against it and then suddenlystarted kissing him back."Oh Luca" he moaned Preteen Bikini Models as they broke off the kiss to catch their breath, "Ifonly you had known how long I dreamed of this moment, but we can't yourdrunk and so am I. I would be taking advantage of you.""Ah but we can," the luscious Dr. Luca responded. "It's not at all takingadvantage of me. I have wanted you since the day I first saw you. So aloofand dignified. A vision of an angel made flesh. I have been driving myselfmad trying to figure out how to make a play for you." Silencing John Preteen Bikini Models withanother kiss, they both groaned as they realized how long they had bothwanted this and the pleasure that it was.To Be Continued.... Preteen Bikini Models If you like what is there so far let me know. All feedback is welcome and much needed. I am but a humble writer who thrives onpraise. ;-) Two final things, if you haven't yet read my other series Loveof an Angel, what are you waiting for???? Read it, it's not the absolutebest, but it's pretty good. Also check out my website which is atwww.geocities.com/denn0113Feed back is always appreciated. More shall follow shortly.
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